7 Ways to Enjoy Your Pool This Fall

The fall is a great time to be outside, with perfect weather and gorgeous foliage there is no better time to be in your back yard enjoying your pool and outdoor living space.

With the crisp air and cooler temperatures you may be saying, “You’re dreaming! There’s no way I am getting into that water!”… The good news is you don’t have to! Enjoying your pool doesn’t mean you have to be swimming! Check out these 7 super fun ideas for continuing to enjoy your pool well into the fall!



One of the best investments I have made in the past year was in a projector!  What could spell out family memories or romantic date night better than an outdoor movie by the pool? Required items include cozy blankets, outdoor seating, a projector, a screen, speakers, a computer (to stream your movie), your favorite snacks and maybe even an air mattress for a super cozy experience! You can even take advantage of the water by choosing a movie that involves water like the Pirates of the Caribbean, Overboard, Adrift, or something scary like Jaws or Friday the 13th!


Take a school day off from work and coordinate with your friends, turn on your spa heater, prep some lemon water (or Prosecco)  and get ready for a day of relaxation! With the kids accounted for and back in school, the fall is the perfect time for parents to take advantage of some peace and quiet by their pool – after all you deserve some enjoyment too!  Great ideas for this day include making DIY hair and face masks, scheduling a massage at your home and stocking up on healthy snacks like salads, veggie platters and other antioxidant rich goodies! No time (or patience) for DIY, buy some products to share with friends! A great app for choosing low-tox self-care products is “Think Dirty.”  


What could be more relaxing than reading by the pool?  Whether you’re alone or with friends…turn on your filtration/water feature, grab your favorite book, kick up your feet and enjoy the sound of the moving water while you escape for a bit.


Have you ever wished you could better utilize your outdoor cooking space but you have a hard time thinking beyond the burgers and bbq? Scheduling an outdoor cooking class is a GREAT way to learn something new and enjoy your backyard! You can utilize personal chef services and schedule a private or group in home session – food, friends, wine, outdoors what could be more fun! If you really want to take it to the next level grab some fun custom aprons and hats for the event!



Why go to the winery when you can bring the wine to your backyard! Local companies like “Lets Talk Wine” offer educational wine tastings right in your own home - what better way to enjoy and show off your backyard oasis during sweater weather! Sip, sit back, learn and enjoy!


You paid for a water feature, why not make the most of it each year? The fall is a perfect time to enjoy the sounds of your moving water, lay out your mat and get in some extra vitamin D with a workout by the pool. If you are looking for yogi inspiration, youtube is a great place to find free videos that are even tailored to your bodies needs (ie. yoga for lower back pain, core strength, hip flexibility etc.). You can also invite over a group of friends to join for a private lesson with an instructor, you can use a site like Thumbtack to find a yoga instructor near you! Everyone’s needs and instructor taste is different but we have really enjoyed the quality of classes offered locally by Hugo Sanchez founder of Pacha Yoga. For safety, always check with your doctor before beginning a new workout or exercise regiment!


The fall is packed with fun events like Octoberfest and Halloween – making it the perfect opportunity to dress up your yard/pool! Simple decorations can make your pool look spooktacular and you can even have fun involving the family in the decorating!

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

  • Floating Jack-o-Lanterns: Purchase some foam carving pumpkins, which can be found at craft supply stores or online, LED candles and sand or another weighted material (this will keep the lantern upright when it floats. When carving the pumpkin try to place the carving slightly higher so water will not sink your lantern! When finished coat the bottom with sand and place your LED light, now you’re ready to float your creations in the pool!  

  • Creepy Swamp/Witches Cauldron: to create a creepy fog over your pool rent or purchase a few smoke machines, turn on your green lights and watch the magic begin! We don’t recommend throwing dry ice into the pool as this may drastically decrease the pH and possibly damage equipment/finishes. If you really want to go all out, find some plastic body parts and throw them into your swamp!

  • Throw a Gangsters Party: Turn your pool into a figurative “East River” and throw a gangsters party. Purchase plastic body parts and throw them in, you can even turn on your red lights for extra effect! We do not recommend using any dye in your pool to achieve a blood red effect as this can damage and stain the finish.

  • Swimming Skeletons: Purchase some pose-able skeletons and have fun creating a humerus (pun intended) design!   

  • Melted Witches: Buy some witches hats and float them in the pool, if you have color lighting switch it to green!

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest